Why All The Fuss About PPC-rates?

Don’t fall for all the mails currently circulating about how poor rates people seem to be getting. Some have created trashy sites, and as a result of it are being penalized with poor performance. Here’s how some of it works.

Analysis Analysis and More Analysis

All big advertising companies check out performance on click-throughs. They would be stupid if they didn’t, because part of branding and selling professional solutions is documenting that people you reach are qualified potential customers. The better results the higher the cents per view and the higher the cents per click. That would be common logic for anyone.

Nonetheless, some are spreading the rumour as though services like Google were robbing you, totally neglecting to mention that some of these internet wannabe-gurus have created all sorts of walkabouts to do as little work as possible, yet turning in large amounts because of short-term good SEO.

Short-term Never Works!

You can never beat the effects of SUPREME content. Having the best content works, whereas short-term considerations never work. Read that again. Short-term considerations NEVER work. Don’t ever fall for all the tempting “techniques” of get-rich-quick where you can earn a fortune without doing any work.

Listen to those who are positive about this, just like myself. Earnings are increasing as are indeed visitors. More people are reading the blogs, watching podcasts etc. I am – obviously – happy about that. I see no reason to blame others for one’s failures. In fact we Danes have an amusing saying: “Only a bad worker blames his tools”, indeed signifying that our results depend very much upon our own creativity and ability to use the tools we put in our hands. Not being able to handle such isn’t a bad thing, but you must just realize when you’re having problems and listen to those who offer you some expertise to bring you forward.

Good luck, and remember: Carpe diem. 🙂

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