No Second Mail Any Day!

Everyone should carefully consider pros and cons before pressing the “Send” button. Many have committed the unpardonable sin when they have sent their list a second mail on the same day. “Just to make sure you get this”, or “not quite sure you received this”…

These internet marketers send out e-mails with just an extra link and then a repetition of most of the first e-mail.

Is it any wonder people unsubscribe from such lists? I know I do, and I don’t believe I am the only one to be truly enervated by the carelessness involved just because it’s virtually free to post to an entire list.

It doesn’t matter whatever type of offer you get. If you have already mailed your list that day, you have two choices:

  • Risk destroying all your list building efforts by sending a second e-mail anyway
  • Announcing your offer on Twitter or Facebook instead of ever risking your list

If you ever choose the first option you are setting yourself up for potential disaster because people will unsubscribe if they ever feel over-monetized. Realize this: people will gladly be on your list when they get value from being on that list, but whenever they begin to feel exploited you fail in bringing value – from their perspective.

Dear marketers out there, stay alert. Keep a professional attitude towards the members on your lists. Work on building relationships with people on your lists. That will be the day when you begin earning money from your list instead of destroying it.

Repeat after me: “No second mail any day!”

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