Why Some Choose Not To Have Ads

Many people are rather skeptical, and that is part of the explanation as to why some choose not to have ads on their websites. Some, erroneously, believe they can’t avoid competition from others in their field of business. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact you can add many sites from which you have no desire to show any ads. Also, you might want to change your mindset in this area. Some people “want” to get their visitors to stay on their own sites for as long as possible, and they think that an absence of ads will keep people longer. That is NOT necessarily the case.

When People Want To Leave

When people want to leave they will do so regardless of what you have on your website. IF your content wasn’t what they had in mind, why not leave them with a “parting option” of displaying an ad that might be inspirational and get a few cents as people leave anyway?

You must remember that nowadays both Mozilla and the new MS-IE 7 have “tabbed browsing” meaning that you can have several tabs within your browser. Nowadays many people will open their search results from search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Altavista in another tab and thus simply just close one tab (potentially yours) when they want to move on to another site. You might as well reason based upon the facts instead of dreaming about how users behave. Such studies on user behaviour are instrumental in learning where, when, how and why people click when they do. It’s, in fact, a subject so wide it never gets boring because there are always differences between different niches, themes etc.

Optimism & Potential

Having an optimistic attitude and looking out for potential will bring you far better results than a pessimistic and doubtful attitude. In Denmark we have a saying that says that an optimist sees the cheese when an emmenthaler is in front of them whereas the pessimist only sees the holes in it.

Good luck in monetizing

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