Comments Turned On — Part of Blogs Supreme

If you want to have one of the very best blogs you will quickly find that having comments turned on will be one of your best investments. Some blogs use ratings but these 1-5 stars only bring part of the interesting picture.

Imagine this: you are an avid reader of a certain blog. All of a sudden you are inspired in one direction and you want to bring that to the blog owner. Where to go? Well, “Comments” of course…

Comments Not Always Available

You WOULD be correct, but some have chosen to disable that function. Worst of all some even leave out the description of who they are and leave the About page as it was when you downloaded WordPress. You should of course give people an easy way to get in touch with you. Their opinion should be important to you… 🙂

You will find that people will stop visiting blogs if and when they feel they can’t be part of your blog. Therefore, get everyone involved. They will stick with your blog.

Have a good weekend. 🙂

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