Warm welcome

Warm welcome to everyone who reads this blog.

I have finally made the decision to create a blog about blogging – especially dealing with the use of the WordPress blog software in your efforts to create and build your blogs. The idea was awakened recently when a person subscribed to numerous of my other blogs, and suddenly the idea was fostered that perhaps there might be some who needed high quality help straight from beginner’s to experienced levels.

All of that is difficult to find in one single place, but I have embarked on this journey with one goal in mind – serving you as well as I possibly can. Ultimately I hope it may also be possible to add other authors who also catch the vision of participating in this endeavour. It could become a second community next to the other existing communities that no doubt are already cooperating.

The internet has brough us all more closely together, and that is a very good thing. Have a nice day. 🙂

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