Only One Way to Monetize?

Some wannabe-gurus have presented monetizing – especially when dealing with Google AdSense – as though there are single solutions to any problem. The main issue in that debate has been whether blending or contrast works best in relationship with CTR. However, many don’t consider the other elements surrounding visitors and their exits through ad clicks. Let’s go through this.

Visitor Exit – What You Should Know, and what To Consider to Optimize Much Better

Let’s talk straight with one another. We KNOW that some will leave your site anyway. The art in monetizing is to ensure that instead of using the address line to visit another page that we would like to bring them to click one of the ads on a site. The best way to provide that service is to have relevant ads on ALL your pages. That one single point is agreed among most “experts”.

Much less agreed upon is the fact that we don’t want people to only click on our least-paying ads. Of course we either want them to click on a better paying ad or in fact stay long enough so something else grabs their attention. One single element that is totally overlooked is the concept of “sticking to text ads” – totally wrong CTR-wise. In fact some image and video ads perform so well I could have chosen only to have one ad on sites that work well with this and totally leave out the text ad(s) in other window(s) or table areas.

What happens is people are sometimes rather bored by text ads and relevant graphic ads will play well with graphically minded people. Face it: people leave your site when they click your ad, and you need to optimize your site in accordance with that.

Blending vs. Contrast

In much the same way, blending will work well, but on some sites contrast will work even better. Don’t listen to the gurus who preach as though they had the only solution. Much rather test everything that’s being said so you can perform well CTR-wise etc. Check your statistics constantly and do what needs to be done to optimize.

YOUR choice…

Again: there are no easy answers to every problem. What works best for your sites may be total baloney on other pages and what works for me may indeed not work for you, but with the right tools you can optimize your income.

Good luck and have a nice weekend. 🙂

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