Facebook Ads – There Is a Better Way

As all of you who have read this blog know, I recently left Facebook – and haven’t missed it one bit. In fact both my Twitter and Instagram profiles are growing, and I see no reason to change that. If you haven’t read about this, I highly recommend you read my e-book The Book Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Read which is available for US$1 right here: http://www.blunck.dk/facebook. But more than just my personal decision to leave Facebook, you also need to know why Facebook ads can be a very costly way to attract more people to your landing pages.
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You Need a New Global Perspective

There is a huge tendency for many to focus on global events from an old-fashioned global perspective. We all know the internet is a reality, yet we fall into the trap of marketing from a physical perspective of our globe. You need to change that, so you can improve your earnings.
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Twitter – A Really Nice Network

If anyone told me I would end up tweeting more than 10,000 times when I originally started tweeting in Danish in september 2008, I would have laughed. Now, I have tweeted more than 13,400 times. I reached the 10K limit at the beginning of 2016, and Twitter is a really nice network.
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Fiverr Firestarter – Your Chance to Earn More From Gigs

Fiverr Firestarter is the place you want to check if you want to optimize your earnings from gigs on Fiverr. I am sure many of you have been disappointed if you haven’t visited their site for some time. Previously, it wasn’t possible to offer extra services, and you ended up presenting only pretty poor gigs. All of that has changed now.
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WordPress Zero To Guru In No Time

You can start from scratch with WordPress when you get a hold of these marvelous 13 videos that will explain everything in straight forward lessons. Subjects covered are:

  1. Installation Of WordPress
  2. Configuring WordPress
  3. Picking A Theme
  4. Uploading Themes
  5. Customise Your Theme
  6. WordPress Settings
  7. Protection Against Spam
  8. How To Get Indexed In Minutes
  9. Monetizing Your Blog
  10. Backing Up Your Blog
  11. Socialising WordPress
  12. More Plugins
  13. Even More Plugins

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Reaching Your Goals for 2016

Are you aiming at reaching your goals for 2016? What goals have you set? Have ypu added to your accumulated results in years back – or is 2016 your first year?

There are two possible conclusions, and mine may be one you can recognize.

  • You will reach your goals
  • You will not reach your goals

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Comments Work – But You Need to Think Before You Press Send

There is no doubt that comments work well in the sense of marketing yourself, when you make comments on blogs, YouTube videos etc. However, there seems to be one thing that is missing among many who post comments on blogs, and that is the ability to see what is being written.

If you haven’t got any real message, the best advice is: don’t comment. 🙂

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Why Struggle With List Building? There IS a Better Way…

Why should you struggle with list Building? There is a better way, and many have hidden this from you for many years. The secret can be yours for free when you read this article.

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Welcome Comments

Comments are welcome on any blog. It shows that there are readers out there who want to get involved with your blog. Getting them activated can be quite a challenge. Some have tried prizing people with a free e-book in exchange for comments, others have introduced giveaways or competitions with a specific prize.

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Listbuilding – Often Overlooked Pitfalls

When it comes to listbuilding, there are some often overlooked pitfalls that a lot of internet marketers have really screwed up. They want you to think they are telling you how you can earn money online, but if you fall into some of their pitfalls, you’re doomed to fail.

Before you read on, let me warn you. It’s a real eye-opener. If you are easily offended by the truth, you better move on. I’m going to tell it exactly like I see it, and you can save yourself a lot of misery by taking heed of this advice.

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