Not Earning Enough Money Online? Focus on Your Readers

Not Earning Enough Money Online? Focus On Your Readers
By Henrik V Blunck

Some are disappointed at how little money they are making online. My claim is they make too little because they have forgotten to focus their attention towards providing quality content for their readers. I want to teach you why you should be focused on the theme on your blog and yourself on social media. Implementing this in your own earning money online efforts will make a huge difference in how much money you will be earning online.

Your Readers Want Quality Content
When you focus fully on your readers, you will be giving them quality content articles every single time. Target every single theme from a full benefits perspective, and the money will be coming into your account from both Google AdSense and banner ads. When you write reviews, be honest about the product you are reviewing. If you sell people a product make sure your readers know exactly why they should buy what you are recommending. The better your service is towards your readers, the more you will be selling them.

Focus On Your Theme In Your Articles
The main difference between blogging and social media is that you share yourself on social media (such as Twitter and Facebook), but you share professional information on your blog. Don’t compromise on the quality of your blog just to write a couple of extra articles. Make sure you always provide quality content on every occasion.

Some SEO advisors falsely claim you can benefit from spinning articles, but that won’t provide quality for your readers. You may fool a search bot, but your readers will see through this strategy, so don’t ever fall for this idea. It will never work.

Similarly, when you target new niches have theme pages that fit each niche. Your readers deserve content that fits their line of interest, and no one is benefitted from having to wade through lots of irrelevant content to find what does in fact interest them. Have respect for your readers, and they will spend time reading your content because you are giving them much more than they will find anywhere else.

Use Social Media The Right Way
When you do use social media, share yourself and share content from others to target new audiences from mutual retweets. Don’t focus on who doesn’t retweet back, but let the quality of the content written be your guide. When doing this you will find that your profile grows, and people will see that effort made in providing quality content for them. You can see that as people remain as followers of your Twitter profile.

Providing quality content, and only retweeting quality content, will save your readers and followers a lot of time, and you will see that in the way traffic will be flowing to your website, so this is worth remembering if you want to improve the numbers. Implement these principles, and you will be on your way to becoming a success in earning money online.

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