People Can Still Surprise Me…

I can still be surprized by what people write. On Twitter an internet marketer asked whether anyone wanted to hit a niche like a neutron bomb… I know what he MEANT, but I’m quite sure people MISread what he intended, and indeed online marketing can at times be quite a jungle.

We should be very careful about what we deal with. Suddenly a comment about a specific chemical being very lethal can be detrimental in the hands of a suicide candidate seeking information on how to terminate his or her life. We never intended such to happen, and yet we often fail to understand how little misunderstandings can have fatal consequences.

You could easily deal with information on terrorism without wanting to have anything to do with these criminals — yet, again, even little mistakes can cause you to be blacklisted. Don’t go there.

In much the same way, targetting a niche SHOULD be focused around building QUALITY CONTENT first of all. Once you have a site worth visiting, you can begin driving traffic to the site. Doing things the other way around could bring momentary income, but you won’t get people to visit your site again if they remember you didn’t have any quality content.

Don’t underestimate the power of memory. There are many sites I can recognize as worthless when I see them — far more than I could mention in a list. In other words: if you asked me, I could probably mention some twenty sites that are worthless (and which I wouldn’t revisit), yet when I see links, I can probably recognize hundreds I wouldn’t waste time on. So you want to focus upon organic visitors by having QUALITY CONTENT, and optimize for more visitors in recognition of the power of proper SEO. But SEO should never overtake your focus upon content.

So you shouldn’t fall for cheap tricks that won’t work. Niche marketing is serious business for those who KNOW something within a specific niche. Building good income on the long-term involves making an effort. When you build upon that solid foundation you will get FAR BETTER results than speculative endeavours.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it. Build a niche and begin earning a good income from sharing GOOD content. 🙂

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