“Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark”

Marcellus has this declaration in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, and it holds true even to this very day.

Imagine the situation where you win a model car. I was lucky to experience this on Joel Comm’s show from December 17th 2008 – the show can be seen here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/981888 or you can watch it below:

If you see the show from 27:30 until 30:50 you will see I became the winner because I could spell “hypothalamus” the fastest. Consequently, http://www.twitpwr.com/hypothalamus links back to this blog on earning money online.

That feat made me the winner of a Hummer model car. For which, I might add, I am grateful because it has an affection value being a type of proof that I am quick and a good speller in English. 🙂

Lo and behold, the car arrives in Denmark. Guess what happens?

Danish postal services can’t follow a simple link and an explanation just like the one I gave you here on this blog. They insist upon getting an invoice. How can anyone have an invoice for something sent as a gift?

I might like to add that parcels have been VERY late during the x-mas season this year, and danish postal services seem bent on bureaucracy rather than focusing their attention towards what is important: getting things out rather than making criminals out of law abiding citizens.

So if you ever wonder why many stay away from establishing themselves in Denmark, I would suggest bureaucracy is the biggest hindrance towards an effective system that welcomes entrepreneurship. Heavy taxation is one of the other reasons, and certainly when people can focus their attention so little on what is being said, I fully understand that we have a recession.

Time to wake up folks. Past behaviour should be corrected, and it should be possible to become more flexible if growth is to be experienced.

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