One BIG Advantage In Hosting Your Blog

I came across something rather funny. I had hosted three subjects (awaiting the right domain name, and testing whether there was an audience for the niches) using Blogger. I clicked “Next blog” at the top of the screen, and – beieve me – you don’t want your kids to use that type of service.

Even blogs that are marked as inappropriate are apparently still visible when you click “Next blog” [In Danish: “Næste blog”]. That is totally inexcusable if anyone tries to run a professional service. So for that single reason I am considering moving those three blogs next time domains are transported. I don’t ever want others to mistakenly think I would have anything to do with such a thing. I thought the control panel at the top of the screen was made so that one could move between one’s blogs.

Anyone else had similar experiences?

Have a nice sunday. 🙂

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