Strange Thing About Apple Keyboards on iPhones and iPads

You may never have noticed this but there is one strange thing about the Apple keyboard on iPods, iPhones and iPads that I have wondered about.
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Apple’s Discount Prices

When new models arrive on the market you had better wait to buy your product until the new version has been released. I bought both the iPad and Apple TV just prior to new versions being released. The price of the NEW Apple TV has dropped 80DKR (approx. 15US.$.) here in Denmark, and the price of the “old” iPad (model 2) is now 500DKR (approx. 100US.$.) lower now that the new iPad has been released.
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iPad Review: Is The iPad Right For You?

As regular readers will have noticed when I wrote the recent article about the Apple TV, I also bought an iPad. Since this was prior to the release of the new iPad (3) on March 7th 2012, it was an iPad 2.
I am happy I got this iPad because it has exactly the features I also enjoyed with the iPhone 4 – and then some…
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Apple TV Rocks!

I must say I am amazed by the Apple TV I judt bought. It is truly an amazing gadget. Not only is it small – fits in any living room – but it’s also a product I wish I had bought a long time ago.
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Wondering What Is Coming In 2012 From Apple?

I am curious as to what 2012 will bring from Apple. There are numerous rumors, but nothing really credible about the strategy for the year ahead. I am looking forward to seeing whether we will see a new iPhone and what is going to stay within the iPod business. Even though the iPhone 4S looks good there is no major incentive for buying it if the iPhone 5 is just around the corner – and I don’t think I’m the only one wondering about this.
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Buy Your Updates Through iTunes

When you want to update one or more programs from the iWork suite it can be quite handy to remember that single programs can actually be updated – at a lower price – when you update through iTunes. It’s true that you don’t get any installation cd or dvd, but who needs that in an age where WiFi networks run at speeds we have today?
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Be Careful When Updating iOs On Your iPhone

Word reached me that for some iPhone users there can be issues relating to paid apps disappearing when updating both your iTunes and iPhones. My best advice is to take a screen dump BEFORE you update either your iTunes and/or your iPhone from iOs 4 to iOs 5.

Better safe than sorry, and I will update you when I hear more on this issue…

Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂

iTunes – Resolving Update Issues on Windows Computers

If you have had problems with updating iTunes on Windows computers, there is actually a very easy way to resolve update issues. On Apple Mac computers this normally works automatically, and since iTunes is produced by Apple it’s rather logical that they know how to take full control of their operating system to ensure that everything works properly.
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The Resignation of Steve Jobs

The resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple was quite a surprise in many ways. Primarily because we had all hoped he would be fit and well to run the business, but also become many somber predictions were made now that the world-famous Steve Jobs had retired.
One important element was missing from all these analyses.
Do you know what it is?
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iPhone Unlocker Pro Doesn’t Work

The product iPhone Unlocker Pro which you can find right here:, doesn’t work. I had an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.5 – and the front page of their site promises that it works on ALL iPhones. Watch their header ad right here:

This is the header on the iPhone Unlocker Pro front page

When you buy the product – costing you US.$.24.95 – you thereafter find out that they only have solutions up to version iOS 4.3.3.
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