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August 2008

If Only Ritlabs Would Begin To Develop for MacOS

Version 4 of The Bat! has just surfaced. It is a purely Windows-product. Some years ago we tried to get them to develop for Linux and now we are many users who still remember the days when we were using The Bat! for our mail handling.

WebCrusher – Optimize Websites

Finally there is a piece of software that appears for the MacOS first. WebCrusher is designed to optimize load times for your webpages and you may find that many of the features would directly relate to your websites also.

I Said So Long Ago

I have said long ago that Microsoft should focus solely on their operating system and their play console. Here’s why.

iTunes Updated

iTunes is truly an amazing piece of software. It keeps track of a whopping amount of podcasts, music and video here, and I am constantly amazed at how well our MacBooks are integrated with each our iPods. When my wife’s iPod is inserted no synchronizing happens – because I set it so – whereas it […]