Working iPhones That Are Invalidated by Apple

The ongoing saga of invalidating iPhones by Apple is now reaching a peak according to one article on CNN. Many owners of older iPhones have been forced to update their smartphones due to being unable to install app updates as a new iOS was required. Fully functional iPhones are therefore discarded on a regular basis…

This is environmentally so wrong – and costs customers a fortune.

You CAN, of course, use an outdated iPhone as a player of music while running and other things for which you don’t want to use the latest iPhone, but it’s the principle that is SO crazy

Why Apple Makes a Settlement Now

It is logical to presume that Apple only offers a settlement, because they know that a verdict that goes against them could contribute to new lawsuits. It is a well-known strategy among monopoly-type businesses to do that, but my bid is that this will cost on the image of Apple.

At a time when Android is becoming better than ever, it is a winning strategy for companies such as Samsung, Nokia and Huawei to forge ahead with disgruntled iPhone owners as their primary target – and that could cost dearly for Apple.

The problem of outdating units is spreading over to the iPad also, and that will also be something to watch very closely as rumor has it that they are next in line for becoming outdated…

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