The Qualcomm Scandal

In a free market, all companies should compete freely to deliver the best computer chips to producers of it-equipment. Apple seems to have neglected looking at this due to money flowing from American chip producer, Qualcomm – and EU commissioner Margrethe Vestager is setting an example now.

Apple should have their customers as primary focus, but it seems money talks louder than ideals… 🙁

It is such a shame that Apple has changed so much since the death of its founder, Steve Jobs. I have been a big fan of the entire idea behind Apple, but things are surely changing when you discover how much bottom lines are their primary focus rather than the improvement of the product.

Let it be said right away: it’s time to refocus. You can’t ask for high prices for your products when you’re sleeping at the gate. You lose momentum by doing so, and it won’t last forever.

Competitor Samsung is already delivering a better camera in their S8 than the iPhone, and tablet and computer manufacturers are also beginning to show muscles at considerably lower prices. It is a losing strategy, and it is actually quite tragic to behold when everything was so good only a few years ago…

What are your thoughts on this?

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