Don’t Throw Away Outdated iMacs – install Windows 10

Apple has chosen to outdate some iMacs. It is a conscious decision in an attempt to get you to buy a new iMac. I bought the 21″ iMac from 2009 from my youngest niece who wasn’t using it anymore, and I will bring you through my considerations about this machine holding a 3Ghz processor.

Regular readers will remember I have used Linux in the past. I was considering whether to use Linux or Windows on this iMac as even Pages wasn’t running without a nag window telling me to update MacOS to take advantage of new features.

First of all, let’s establish one thing. No other hardware company will provide computers that will run for a decade, so already Apple does deserve some credit for creating good computers. 🙂

Why Does Apple Consciously Outdate Computers In an Age Where We Should Care More For The Environment?

But it IS a big waste to crash fully functional computers, and it is quite obscene in an age where we want to do the right thing from an environmental perspective. This IS a big issue, and it is also a matter of decency.

If anyone else did this, they would be faced with a shitstorm. People would be angry, and rightfully so. If I sell you a product, I am taking your money. Outdating that machine when it is still running exactly as I promised it would, could be considered stealing new money from your pocket, when forcing you to update long before its actual life expectancy.

Linux or Windows?

In many ways, Linux could be an option – and one many will choose. Personally, I have a license key bought from the Netherlands, and with a legal right to use Windows 10 Pro, I saw no reason to ditch Windows IF the there was a process that allows me to keep using Windows.

Watch This Video – Boot Camp Assistant

As with most problems, you can often – almost always, in fact 🙂 – find the right solution on Youtube. This was no exception, and therefore I want to recommend you watch this video:

How to Install Windows 10 On a Mac

This will take you through the whole process so you are prepared. Have fun. You can now prolong the life expectancy of a fine computer.

Update – June 1st 2020: You MUST be sure that you have both a USB-key with at least 8Gb of free space formatted in the FAT-format, not FAT32 or NTFS, and installation media available in your dvd-drive. For some iMacs, who will only install Windows 7 from the ISO, your installation won’t even begin with only the ISO file available.

Now you’re ready to go. Have fun.

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