I Almost Forgot How Nice They Are – iPads…

I had the pleasure of taking care of my sister’s and brother-in-law’s house twice while they were on vacation for a week in Southern Jutland, and when they went over for a prolonged weekend on the island of Bornholm. That gave me the opportunity of comparing a Huawei tablet with an iPad.

You just can’t get around the fact that the iPad wins, can you?

The battery lasts longer, the wifi works even when you take the iPad outside, you have a clearer image when you go outside for a cup of coffee. There are so many lovely things you can say about iPads.

And I think Apple knows this, because they recently made a move where it was rumored that certain (older) versions of the iPad could no longer run the latest iOs. That was false, because their iPad 2 worked fine, and it had the latest iOs, so no worries there at all..

An entire industry runs wild with rumors, and you need to be awake not to fall for any of the fake news designed to entice you to upgrade your equipment. It all makes perfect sense for Apple fans, because we KNOW that Apple products last longer than other equipment. Of course, an iPhone 4 IS outdated – and so are previous versions, and who wants them anyway?

You want to take good photos, and believe me when I say I was especially impressed when I tested the iPad against my LG smartphone. Need I mention that the iPad won that competition too?

What are your thoughts about Apple products?

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