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March 2009

Wolfenstein 3D on Your iPhone

Ladies and gentlemen, the best news ever is that you can now download Wolfenstein 3D for your iPhone (click the title).

Remember to Update Your iTunes

You should remember to update your iTunes to the current version 8.1. You will find that keeping your Mac regularly up-to-date is no problem. You can click the Apple logo at the top left of your screen, and choose “Software update” and then you can see what is found to be updated since you last […]

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is definitely a utility you need when you handle many video formats. It’s highly versatile and can handle almost any format under many operating systems. You can read about the media player from this location: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/.

XNView for graphic browsing

XNView is a very good utility for browsing your graphic files. You can get it for free directly here: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/imaging_3d/xnviewmp.html.

Computational Power

Today I want to share a special video with you all which doesn’t directly relate to the Apple Mac computer. It is in fact some thought provoking information I found on YouTube which I felt was worth considering from many perspectives.

SOLiCharger — Ideal for Your iPhone

SOLiCharger may be the ideal gift for the person that normally has everything. Here is the description of the product: The SOLiCharger™ is the essential accessory for any iPhone or iTouch fanatic. This tiny, lightweight (just 1.4oz – 40 grams) Lithium-ion battery pack slips sleekly onto any iPhone to provide up to 50% full iPhone […]

9 Year Old Develops iPhone Apps

According to http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2009/02/05/2009-02-05_nineyearold_lim_ding_wen_from_singapore_.html Lim Din Wen, a 9 year old kid, has already developed one application for the iPhone.