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September 2007

iPhone: WiFi Indeed Better Than 3G – Here’s Why

When you listen to this videocast where the decision not to implement 3G support for the iPhone is explained you can truly see that Apple has again put our needs as consumers ahead of everything else.

Amazing Resource for PDF Documents

The ultimate tool for anyone involved in online business would be to have a tool that could convert PDF documents into an editable format. That is now possible using software from Recosoft.

Michael Robertsons Perceptions of Apple

On Michael Robertson’s blog, he just released an article entitled: “9 Things an iPhone Can’t Do” comparing it to a Nokia e61. You can read the article here: http://www.michaelrobertson.com/archive.php?minute_id=242.

Windows Users: You CAN See What Safari Looks Like

Those readers who might still be Windows-users CAN now see what the internet browser Safari looks like, and how it works.