Jailbreaking – Why You Don’t Need It

When it comes to Apple products a new trend is jailbreaking. I want to discuss this a bit today, and I want to suggest why I don’t think anyone needs jailbreaking.

Your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV come with some built-in features. You wanted these features, and therefore you bought the product. If you needed to visit Flash websites you probably would have chosen another tablet or smartphone, wouldn’t you?

Some suggest that jailbreaking your product ENHANCES your iPad or iPhone. Is that true? Notice, before we continue, that many sell jailbreaking software as they discuss this. It’s fair that they sell these if they really want to use these solutions.

But the question remains: can you trust advice from people who don’t like the products as they are?

It may be a nuisance that you could only have 12 icons in a folder on your iPhone. But something important dawned on me as I was reading the biography of Steve Jobs: he WAS focused on design and quality. Clutter appears as we stuff TOO MANY THINGS in to TOO SMALL PLACES or when it’s stored in folders.

Take your desktop on your computer. Do you clean up your desktop? You would logically clean up your physical desk when cleaning your home, wouldn’t you? Have you noticed how folders such as “to be looked at” or “for reference” end up being cluttered?

Your intentions WERE, no doubt, good when you moved that folder, but you quite simply forget once you have too many things “to be looked at”, and you will never get around to it unless you implement discipline.

The same is true with gadgets. I admit I am a sucker for things with the Apple logo. Some agree, and are almost as enthusiastic, and others disagree, and choose other suppliers – or jailbreak their units to get a different functionality.

Whether you choose to jailbreak is your personal choice, but my point is you shouldn’t do this, but perhaps choose another smartphone or tablet. Changing the product may not destroy anything, but why do you want to avoid updates as some do because they run jailbreaks that are reset by updates…

The moment you begin USING your products, you will find so many nice features, and you won’t have to worry about geeky tricks to get some special – though often useless – extra that you don’t really NEED.

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