Apple’s Discount Prices

When new models arrive on the market you had better wait to buy your product until the new version has been released. I bought both the iPad and Apple TV just prior to new versions being released. The price of the NEW Apple TV has dropped 80DKR (approx. 15US.$.) here in Denmark, and the price of the “old” iPad (model 2) is now 500DKR (approx. 100US.$.) lower now that the new iPad has been released.

I wanted both products, so don’t misunderstand. I know they aren’t legally bound to offer any discounts, but I would think that Apple gained something from emptying old stocks of already produced products, and that older models are totally phased out once their stocks are emptied.

They could, at the very least, have offered a small discount on iTunes on their own product, such as iWork or some other program that wouldn’t “cost” them anything. 🙂

So buyer beware is a good principle. The savings aren’t huge, but one has to bear in mind that money must be earned before it can be spent…

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