Business Class Better Than Private Planes

News that Apple has decided that their CEO, Tim Cook, is to use a private plane instead of commercial airlines is rather surprising. Business Class serves most businessmen very well, so it might be a question of prestige for Apple

It is, of course, a company decision that may trigger quite a bit of controversy. Not only because it seems strange to want to immitate companies such as Facebook and Disney, but also because it puts doubt on their green profile.

It is well known that production in China has long ago stirred controversy over the issues of both child labor and environmental impact on nature from producing iPhones, iPads and computers in that country. You end up spending quite a bit of transportation first in getting raw materials to a production site, but then also in getting the finalized items on to distribution centres – and then on the way to each customer.

It is an issue that all companies must deal with to maintain a green profile, so it will be interesting to see how global media outlets will deal with this issue in the year ahead.

I would personally believe the flexibility and mobility of buying Business Class on commercial airlines is much better than having to deal with servicing of a corporate jet, but I am quite sure prestige has been important for the Board of Apple in making this decision…

I want to wish all readers a very Happy New Year – with thanks for following this blog. 🙂

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