Making Money In a Market That Is Full

Making money in a market that is full can be challenging. Today, news broke of a drop in share value for Apple according to this source. There is a logical answer to such news: there is a natural level where you simply can’t sell the same number of units once the market is filled.

For many years, we have been accustomed to seeing skyrocketing sales numbers – and certainly some corporate investors have thought this could never end. If they had looked at the history of all other shares, they would know that to be a false expectation.

Well, don’t misunderstand. There is no doubt about the high quality of the Apple design. The company has long ago already performed better than any other hardware supplier I can think of. In fact, their products WERE so interesting that it was almost like a magnet: every time a new version of their iPhones or iPads were released, people bought straight away.

A small drop in sales is the natural result of people being satisfied with what they already have. 🙂

Watch any movie today. What mobile phone do they have in their hands in movies? Yes, most of them do have an iPhone in their hands when you watch closely. It goes without saying that it all depends on design. Other smartphone producers are more discrete in their design than the Apple logo, and therefore you don’t necessarily see the Samsung or Huawei logos when people use these phones.

Our brains DO notice these small things. It is on the positive side for the Apple company, because people DO think of Apple when they are about to buy electronics. It is a HUGE success from a marketing perspective.

But it would be an utopia IF Apple were able to MAINTAIN the huge sales numbers at all times.

The ONE thing that could hinder continued growth has already been identified by those who have left the world of Apple iOs. It’s the unnatural situation where you have a fully functional smartphone that suddenly can’t be updated. It is an annoying feature, and personally I find it highly irritating. Especially because it isn’t based on any malfunction but a calculated choice by the Apple company to DISCONTINUE older products by introducing unneeded features that FORCE people to update their iPhone or iPad…

It COULD be a big problem for the company in the future, but not that many people seem to be dissatisfied even though it can cost them a fortune when you all have an iPhone in a family of four (or more).

What are your thoughts on this, dear readers?

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