Nearly 5 Years With This Blog

I am nearing the 5 year mark with this blog, and this article is post number 161 during the many years I have now written on the subject of Apple machines. It’s been great fun – truly amazing to follow the developments with this amazing company that has indeed built top-notch machines in every respect.

Most homes already have Apple products, ranging from either an iPod to play their favourite music to iPhones for handling mobile conversations, and many now have the tablet iPad which has already undergone tremendous developments. Furthermore, the iMac has arrived, and even the Apple TV is also increasing the potential of what you can do with the flatscreen in your homes.

When I recently bought and read the biography about Steve Jobs, I went through some major dejá vus in terms of reading of both the Apple Classic, the LC series and through the entire experience the perspective of quality in production really explained a lot of the stranger parts of founder Steve Jobs’ personality. He may not have been the boss of your dreams, but his way of handling things certainly DID make a difference in the history of computing.

If you haven’t already read this biography I highly recommend you buy it, and read it. You don’t want to settle with borrowing a library copy. You NEED this book if you want to understand what Apple is all about, and that is conveyed in a most unique way by Walter Isaacson.

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