iPad Mini

I know some will be happy to get the iPad Mini, but honestly I would say that if you want something bigger than the iPhone, I would go for the “original” iPad any day.

Some few don’t understand why we choose the iPad over similar tablets, and there really only is one answer to give. When you buy an iPad everything works. Everything is easily integrated with iTunes regardless of whether you run MacOS or Windows. You can do so many things without having to be a techie, so this is the very best choice you can ever make.

And people who disagree will say I am biased, and that’s true. I do like Apple products, and I won’t give any apologies for saying so. I love Apple products, and I do give constructive feedback whenever something is off-course. So you will find constructive criticism with better ideas offered, but only when things don’t work nearly as well as should be expected. 🙂

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