Do You Need a New iPhone?

People disagree on the subject of new iPhones. Some – especially teens – love to get the latest iPads or iPhones, and that has become a sign of being in the ‘in crowd’ when you have all the latest gadgets, but do you NEED to change?

Obviously, Apple likes to update their iOs, because in the end you reach a certain operating system max, and then you MUST buy a newer product. But when you don’t have wallets as thick as Bill Gates, you may want to change the way you think…

Regular readers will remember how I recommended the Samsung S7 as a top-level Android phone with a darn good camera and very good graphics on the screen. iPhones have similar specs, but they come at a price.

Rumor has it that pre-sales ARE dropping for the new iPhone 8, and I can’t say I am surprised. Here in Denmark they are quite expensive, and that can limit the need to change again. What the heck, your iPhones 6 and 7 still work well, don’t they?

What are your thoughts on the new version of the iPhone? I am quite curious to hear your thoughts, so do leave a comment if you have thoughts on this.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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