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January 2008

Some Benchmarks WorthLESS

I need your attention if you’re going to understand the subject. Not that what I write is difficult to understand, but much rather because what you are about to read is going to boggle your mind.

NetNewsWire – Now FreeWare…

NetNewsWire is a magnificent newsreader, and though I previously used Mozilla Thunderbird for RSS feeds you might want to consider NetNewsWire if you need a different graphical user interface or simply just want a bit of new look and feel.

Shrink Your PDF Files

Anyone that works professionally with PDF-files – whether in releasing your own e-books or when you send documents to people you don’t want to have the original word processing or spreadsheet files – will be familiar with file sizes. For download of e-books even a small decrease in file sizes can have a gigantic effect […]

Apple Gains 14 Patents

Ranging within the iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPod dock, MacBook & MacBook Pro notebooks, Apple’s QuickTime Player and others, 14 patents have been granted between January 1st and 8th 2008. You can read more about these patents in the blog article at http://www.macnn.com/blogs/?p=481