Stagnation or Temporary Setback?

One has to ask the question whether recent financial numbers about Apple sales are an indication of a temporary setback or in fact even stagnation in sales. It is logical to suspect that the market for smartphone sales has been fulfilled, at least for a time.

It would be just as logical to suspect that Apple needs to look at their core products from a new perspective – in the fact the original way of focusing on products as when Steve Jobs was alive. 🙂

I have said this before, but will gladly repeat it. When core Apple-fans are less than impressed with new arrivals, there is a lot to be said about refocusing attention towards top-quality. If you’re going to get an Intel computer anyway, why stay with Apple? If your product is starting to show a lack of core quality in the manufacturing phase, why pay the extra price?

It is very common for many large companies to surround themselves with ‘yes-men’ – people who agree with everything. Large companies need to be challenged, so they get even better. That is why criticism should be welcome, as long as it is given in a constructive way.

I love many aspects of Apple products, namely their iMacs and also the iPad.

But I do see something quite strange in the creation of the iPhone SE. Even with the A9 chip, I simply don’t get it. At a time when people use their phones for an ever increasing number of apps, a smaller screen is like buying a smaller car just after you got your third child.

I simply don’t get it, but maybe you do. If you do, please write a comment. I would like to hear what others think.

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