Remember to Plug Your iPhone to Your Computer

I think many know you should regularly plug your iPhone to your computer. But many forget now that iPhones can be updated directly through your WiFi.

I have a good friend who had challenges with his iPhone, and it was over a year ago that he had plugged his iPhone to his computer. When I told him the primary reason we installed iTunes on his pc was so he could run regular maintenance on his iPhone, it caught his attention when I told him about all the benefits associated with doing this.

Imagine you lost your iPhone in the toilet, or dropped it in the sink in your kitchen. What would be your benefits of getting a new iPhone through your insurance when you had to spend hours getting your new iPhone adapted to your needs, when all you needed would be to plug it in, and that iTunes would offer to adapt it for you automatically when you had regular backups on your pc – and in the iCloud subsystem?

It doesn’t cost you anything. In fact you even power up your battery while doing this, so there are only benefits of doing this.

What amazes me most is that resellers don’t make these things known. Oftentimes, people have to search various forums to get the type of information that should be common knowledge once you have had an iPhone.

What are your thoughts on updates and challenges when you have used an iPhone? I welcome your comments. 🙂


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