Why Would Google Develop Solely for Windows?

It is a very important question to consider why Google would ever develop their browser (Chrome) solely for the Windows operating system? Google seems rather supportive of open designs such as supporting also the Open Office system which is truly cross-platform. Open Office IS available for MacOS, Windows and Linux – as an example.

Today there are so many possibilities to design your programs across all three platforms, and it is therefore rather unbeiievable that anyone would choose to seclude themselves. Unless the virus of thinking like Microsoft is part of all large corporations, because in such instances Google just does what comes natural…

I would prefer the Google ideals of freedom to be at the forefront of ALL their activities but I recognize that this may be only a teasing effort to see how the market would develop for another browser. Safari, Mozilla and Opera have already eaten into the world-domination of the MS-IE browser. Much to the chagrin of the many IT specialists that didn’t believe that trend would ever happen.

Need I add that it’s the same preconceived ideas that have caused many not to check up on just how user-friendly MacOS actually is? Many say the price for Apple machines are too expensive, but stability and qualiy and design may cost a bit, but it is earned back when I think of how little time I have ever spent in troubleshooting. The one error I made was caused by my own stupidity, so the operating system WORKS and it WORKS WELL.

Mac-users will survive being overlooked by Google, but can Google survive not reaching Mac-users? THAT is the question…

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