If Only Ritlabs Would Begin To Develop for MacOS

Version 4 of The Bat! has just surfaced. It is a purely Windows-product. Some years ago we tried to get them to develop for Linux and now we are many users who still remember the days when we were using The Bat! for our mail handling.

It was an amazing system. Tag lines different for each account and everything working with filters, subdirectories and templates that could be adapted in all sorts of ways. We spent many hours looking into various ways to do this, but we also saved many more because The Bat! was well-designed right from the beginning.

They did run a complete refresh on their source code and I was one of the few that hoped the project would have been integrated into a cross-platform development phase. But now that version 4 has been released and nothing is said on the subject, I must admit I have given up hope. I was there since version 1.6x and I loved the software. But I did unsubscribe only minutes ago from the mailing list because I realize the fight is impossible to win. They simply won’t listen to the potential, and I won’t install Windows..

Thunderbird is my choice nowadays, but The Bat! is still sorely missed as we did get accustomed to many nifty things… 🙂

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