Support for Outdated Software?

The article "Support for IE7: It’s all About Accessibility" from the Sitepoint blog woke people up. They commented like crazy on the subject.

Ranging from one IT-consultant that emphasized a need for intranet functionality on IE6 all the way over to people claiming they have visitor rates up around 15-20% of their web-visitors using IE 6… Now that Microsoft has stopped their support of this browser some are waking up. You can still get a Service Pack 1 [available from this location:].

But let’s face it. Outdated software never is a valid point for any company (or user). Especially when moving ahead to newer versions is free. Fault-finding and technology moves at unprecedented speeds, and it’s actually fun to watch people so bent on clinging to their old versions at a time when everyone has long ago moved on to MS-IE 7 (or even 8), Firefox, Safari or Opera.

I updated my iTunes yesterday, and keeping an up-to-date MacBook IS much better as I do get full value for money when my system is always operational.

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