“500$ For The Same Hardware?”

Steve Ballmer has suggested that a Mac is 500$ more expensive than a pc, and that you’re only paying for a logo. You can read about it here: http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Microsofts_Ballmer_Tide_has_turned_against_Apple_in_computer_market_41492832.html, and watch this video:

How About That Allegation?
Apple computers ARE a bit more expensive. Design and stability WILL cost you money. If you need the cheapest hardware around, go buy a laptop from some bamboo company. You will get disappointed in terms of power when your battery dies out. Quality lies in the amalgamation of all components in a laptop. Anyone who has worked with computers will confirm that better hardware costs more than the cheapest hardware.

When that has been said, try comparing Lenovo (IBM), Toshiba, Compaq and Dell with Macs. The difference isn’t THAT BIG — and certainly not 500$ anyway for the same hardware…

Furthermore, if money IS important to you, why would you even throw away 100$ (or more) for a desktop version of Windows XP or Windows Vista when you can get a copy of Mandriva Linux for free?

Also, when everyone knows that a laptop running Windows XP will work 30-50% longer (or more) than when running Windows Vista, what is WRONG with the way Microsoft develops their operating system?

Final Conclusion
Ultimately, the whole business of Microsoft should focus on their three key core areas (Windows, Xbox and multimedia titles), and should stay away from trying to earn money from criticizing others. If they had such a darn good product their sales would follow.

The facts remain that most Apple users are HAPPY users, and it pays to realize this. Whether you agree is YOUR decision. Have fun. 🙂

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