Is Downsizing Always Right?

You will have heard of the new, and smaller, iPhone released recently. The so-called SE. Some are talking about smartphones becoming too big. I don’t quite understand that, but I’m not in the target group either. For me, the LG with a 5″ screen is just perfect. The very thought of ever going back to 4″ (or even smaller) is anathema for me…

I do realize there are many different types of people. For me it would have to be a choice between the iPhone 6 Plus or the iPhone 6S Plus. I would definitely go for the 5,5″ screen if I was ever to go back to owning an iPhone.

I will have to repeat something I have written before on this blog: much has changed with the way Apple thinks after the death of founder Steve Jobs.

Time will tell whether Apple is right in having five co-existing iPhones at the time this is being written. Failure was not an option while Steve Jobs was alive. He made decisions based on personal taste – and he was succesful in many of those choices.

Feel free to comment what thoughts you have about the new SE. I welcome your feedback. 🙂

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