Apple IS Right On This One

It is widely discussed whether it was correct of Apple to refuse to abide by a court order to unlock the San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone. The creation of a backdoor could nullify Apple’s unique position with a secure operating system for their mobile phones.

Obviously! Why would the Feds even need to go by a judge to get such a court order?Can we deduce that government bodies don’t know Kevin Mitnick’s book The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security?

There are several aspects in all of this. First of all, what sms-messages have been written and received should be available from the telenetworks, and the existence of Echelon and NSA-wiretappings should have helped a long time ago. Furthermore, in Denmark, it is very normal that we get two codes along with our SIM-cards from our network service provider. One is a PIN-code, which can be changed – but also a PUK-code, which is to be used once you have entered the wrong PIN-code three times, and thus locked the SIM-system. Has that been tried?

Moreover, it should be fairly easy to access e-mail accounts related to the Apple-id on that phone. Added to the above facts, it should be fairly easy to gather the information they want…

All of that could be done without compromising the security of thousands of other mobile phones, so it is rather surprising that some have taken a stand against Apple on this. Not so surprising that those who have done so are mainly politicians, but that tells a lot about the levels to which some will go in the holy name of an alledged war on terrorism, whereby some fear taking a stand on the side of personal freedom for the majority of law abiding citizens.

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