iTunes Updated

iTunes is truly an amazing piece of software. It keeps track of a whopping amount of podcasts, music and video here, and I am constantly amazed at how well our MacBooks are integrated with each our iPods. When my wife’s iPod is inserted no synchronizing happens – because I set it so – whereas it synchronizes immediately when she plugs it into her own MacBook.

Similarly, when podcasts are updated on one of the ten-plus places, iTunes just downloads, and doesn’t bother me in any way whatsoever. It just works, and that is a lovely experience. If you want to know more about iTunes, which can be used both on Macs and PCs, you can click here:

I have worked with computers since 1989, although I did have a machine that wasn’t what we called “ibm-compatible” way back in 1987 when I began writing some Basic-programs. So more than 20 years of problems, troubleshooting and pains-in-the-backside have been replaced with an ease-of-use that truly has made me an avid fan of Apple products.

Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂

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