Some Benchmarks WorthLESS

I need your attention if you’re going to understand the subject. Not that what I write is difficult to understand, but much rather because what you are about to read is going to boggle your mind.

Some Benchmarks Created to Disfavor Apple

When you read the PC Magazine “review” of the new Apple MacBook Air which you can find here,2704,2249834,00.asp you could get the erroneous impression that the MacBook Air will only deliver 3 hours of battery life.

…Running Vista….

Who’s kidding who? Who would ever buy a Mac to run Vista? It is one thing to be ABLE to install the Windows OS and a whole different thing to ever buy a MacBook Air to run that operating system.

When has compatibility with Windows meant that Windows was somehow recommended? I am VERY surprised, to say the very least.

Apple’s Measurements

Apple, on the other hand, has measured battery life expectancy to be 5 hours. Watch this:

I have far more confidence in people using MacOS (which the Apple MacBook Air was naturally meant to run) than in people who will force a laptop into running Windows Vista which is even more harddisk intensive than Windows XP was. Might just be me. 🙂

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