Apple Gains 14 Patents

Ranging within the iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPod dock, MacBook & MacBook Pro notebooks, Apple’s QuickTime Player and others, 14 patents have been granted between January 1st and 8th 2008. You can read more about these patents in the blog article at

One could indeed have imagined that if design patents were not secured some might actually make copies, as Apple has secured the same beauty in simplicity with both their iPods and MacBooks as one sees in the audio and tv world with products from worldly renowned B&O [Bang & Olufsen – another high-end quality product when it comes to people who CHOOSE design foremost].

The iPhone is no doubt just as beautiful but since it hasn’t yet been released on the Danish market, I can’t yet say more than what you may already have read and seen on YouTube. 🙂

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