Ubuntu This, Ubuntu That…

Judging from some communities, the number of users of Ubuntu has either risen considerably, or they simply suffer from far more problems than other Linux users. As you probably read on other blogs I write, I was previously a happy user of Mandriva Linux — the linux distribution that merged Mandrake and Connectiva into Mandriva.

I have used Fedora (Red Hat), SUSE and Mandriva. Ubuntu never quite worked in a version 5-something. I saw, a few days ago, that they have passed through version 9. The operating system has very probably improved quite considerably since I used pc’s with Linux.

That’s a good thing. We Apple users enjoy variety. It’s nice when people are free to choose. Regardless of what your own favourite is, it’s always important that people can select what fits them best.

Nonetheless, I have been somewhat surprised by the amount of support requests from users of Ubuntu. What are you experiences in that area, if you work occasionally with pc’s?

I look forward to your feedback – even when it’s a bit off-base compared with actual information on Apple Macs. 🙂

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