Increase Sales of MacOS Software

It is quite funny to watch how some software developers have NO sense of commercial thinking whatsoever. One example: I wanted to test the ability of one software programme to convert an original DVD movie for a format that could be watched on one of our iPods. This would have been useful for travels, train rides etc.

Anyway, everything went well. Downloading, installing etc. Then came the time to convert, and suddenly (even in a 15 day trial mode) there was a maximum of sound for only 3 minutes. How are you ever going to test the reliability of a product when offered only the first three minutes of sound? No way… 🙂

Similar glitches exist in other areas, but it’s no wonder that some companies end up with little sales. If I buy a well-known product I KNOW what type of support I get. If I ever purchased a $97 software product that only gave the little demo outlines above I know NOTHING about the actual support I could have gotten.

That, dear friends, defines why some products succeed and others don’t. Those of us who WANT to buy WON’T do so if a demo is deficient and I think many people think exactly the same. So get to work on your customer service BEFORE the sale if you want to increase your sales.

That tip, though given freely, could be worth literally thousands of dollars for those in the business of software development.

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