iPhone: WiFi Indeed Better Than 3G – Here’s Why

When you listen to this videocast where the decision not to implement 3G support for the iPhone is explained you can truly see that Apple has again put our needs as consumers ahead of everything else.

WiFi Is More Useful for Mobile Users

I would fully agree that WiFi seems far moe useful for users in mobile settings. There is an increasing number of hotspots, and – quite frankly – all the 3G fuss is not yet as well-developed as it could be.

In Denmark some tv-stations are trying to implement newscasts etc on the 3G networks, but it’s costly – and, honestly, rather unnecessary when you could access the same newscast using the internet through WiFi through a hotspot.

Battery Times Very Important

News that battery life is reduced by 50% or more would have rendered the phone less useful. Who wants to have to carry 3-4 batteries just because of having an implementation of the 3G-network.

I applaud Apple for thinking of their users. A very wise decision indeed. 🙂

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