Upgrade to WordPress 2.2.3 – New Version Released Today

The boys at WordPress have done it again – found small errors, and thoroughly tested their system, and have now released WordPress 2.2.3.

As always, you can download from here: http://wordpress.org/download/

WHY Is It Important?

Very good question indeed. You should consider the fact that WordPress is very similar to a CMS system [CMS meaning Content Management System] that is a system that helps you maintain a blog without having to code anything. Such systems contain scripts. In fact the whole WordPress update contains 486 files. Those files are run on a variety of Apache and Linux servers in any variety of browsers.

Imagine this: some visitors to your blog may use Macs, and so their operating system would be called “Mac OS X”. Most Mac users would probably use the Safari browser, but you should still consider that many visitors could also be using anything from Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003 or XP and now even Vista) to Linux (which again could be either Knoppix, SUSE, Red Hat, Mandriva, Ubuntu). And this is only touching the surface of all the many operating systems around on desktops all over the world.

How about all the PDA’s which some might also use to surf your blog when they travel to and from work by train or plane? You begin to see a picture of just how many mistakes could happen, don’t you. Well, that is exactly the reason why it is a good idea to upgrade, because when the boys (and girls) at WordPress find errors, they correct them and release new versions so you can enjoy safe blogging without errors on a number of visitor platforms.

It’s a lot of work

I know, and appreciate your dilemma, but – again – you should consider how much work goes into designing a website from scratch. Once you do, you will quickly realize that the efforts in upgrading are next to nothing when compared with the amount of work (and potential for error) if you had to hand-code everything yourself. So appreciate the efforts made by the WordPress team, and keep your blogs updated so visitors can enjoy good surfing no matter what theme you blog about.

Have a nice sunday. 🙂

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