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France Is In The Lead On Music Downloads

I find it highly encouraging to see that music downloads is beginning to be a part of “accepted use policies” — not in the sense of illegal copying, but indeed a recognition that the important part is listening to the … Continue reading

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Presidential Divorce — A Historic First…

The fact that people may not always stay together has, in the past, been something only “the people” experienced. Royalty, politicians and many business leaders were above taking out a divorce. Many a time agreements were made to have “open … Continue reading

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A Warm Recommendation of Cyril’s DVD – and Trailer on YouTube

It is a true pleasure to advertise Cyrils fantastic new DVD by sharing this trailer from YouTube with all you readers: Remember to watch the trailer before you continue reading. 🙂 I must say I enjoy the clips where Cyril … Continue reading

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Wines — an Impressive History

The history of wine production is interesting. Every type of wine comes from this country. From the cheapest grapes in 3 litre boxes all the way across Appellations Controllées to Vin de Pays down to Vin de Table. If you … Continue reading

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France Wasn’t Always a Stable Democracy

Back in the period of the French Revolution, it is actually today 216 years ago that the Legislative Assembly (which only lasted less than a year between the National Constituent Assembly and the National Convention) began. Names such as “Maximilien … Continue reading

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