Weather changes

It has been rather surprising to see the weather changes these last few years. In Denmark, the month of August we had a stedy drop in temperatures towards september. Then we could have two bad days of rain and clouds, and suddenly a day with beautiful sunshine and temperatures actually rising a couple of degrees…. Something IS fishy, and I don’t mean this in the alarmist environmentalist’s perspective.

This photo was taken in July in France. A beautiful view, but – sadly – all too typical of the rains we had when we were in Paris, in the Asterix parc etc.

We love France, so the weather won’t scare us, but I would like you – the readers – to comment what your impressions are on the weather in France. You may have input on when the best time to take a vacation in France could be.

….Let me say, straight away, that I’m not into winter sports, so a skiing vacation may be your thing, and that’s fine. But I’m better off on two feet, not skiis. 🙂

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