Olympic Games in Paris in 2024

It was great to hear that the Olympic games will be held in Paris in 2024 and in Los Angeles in the state of California in America in 2028.

It is so exciting for a city like Paris to get updated sports arenas, and certainly also worth appreciating that the Olympic games haven’t been held in Paris since 1924. It is therefore also a hundred year anniversary since last time.

It was mentioned on a Danish television station that expenses are approximated at 52 billion DKR, around 7,000 million €. That is quite a lot of money.

For us Europeans the thing that most excites us is obviously that it would be both cheaper and easier to get to the Olympics in a European country instead of having to fly over to South America – and with crime rates being as high as they were it was also a question of whether you wanted to bring your family with you.

At least Paris is a safe location in that respect. 🙂

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