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Civil Unrest

Some rather dramatic emotions which, historically speaking, led to the French Revolution can often get ignited again. Regardless of whether it’s the police, wage earning negotiations etc all such emotions can rekindle civil unrest to levels that can appear rather … Continue reading

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Danes Tied More Closely With France

One could say we take one more step towards greater friendship with France now that our Prince Joachim has announced his marriage to Marie Cavalier on May 24th 2008. It is a rather interesting situation because Joachim and ex-wife Alexandra … Continue reading

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New Referendum for the Treaty

I fully agree with Philippe de Villiers — founder of Mouvement pour la France — who recommends a referendum due to the fact that the present treaty they are finalizing is in fact a constitution. Angela Merkel has indeed declared … Continue reading

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Others’ Opinions on France

It is today 217 years ago that Edmund Burke wrote his political commentary “Reflections on the Revolution in France” which you can read more about here: France has since had many people describe this lovely country in more or … Continue reading

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