I Miss France

I do look forward to both corona being over and getting a job so I can finally start planning for a vacation back to France once again. Our last journey down there was way back to 2007, and so much has happened since then.

You are quite probably in the same mind since you follow this blog about travelling to France. My youngest niece and my nephew never got the chance to see the country yet – and they are now adults… 🙂

Visiting Louvre – and Finally Coming to the Top of the Eiffel Tower

My ex-wife was no fan of museums. Well, truth be told, I wasn’t either. When we were kids, we experienced somewhat boring visits to museums in an effort to ‘create a cultural experience’, and museums can be SO boring for kids that none of us actually visited any museum. To be honest, I have become a bit wiser, now that museums have begun focusing on new generations with the use of new technology and apps.

After starting to watch the French series Lupin, I have become somewhat fascinated with art, and therefore one task WILL be to finally see the Louvre Museum. Having the chance to see paintings in a price range not available for normal incomes should be an experience worth making use of… 🙂

Similarly, coming to the top of the Eiffel Tower is a goal I need to finalize. When I was first in Paris in 1999 I didn’t have the time to stand in line, and our subsequent visits was with small kids, but that is an absolute must. Obviously, I have seen the view in movies and in one episode of James Bond, but experiencing it yourself should be even better.

New Culinary Experiences

Now that I don’t need to limit my culinary tests, I will also most definitely be trying frog legs. I remember when we found a café that offered free frog legs on fridays that I asked my ex-wife whether we should come back just to try it. She was not the adventurous type, so I have never tried this. Most definitely a must-try when you’re in France.

“When in Rome, be like the Romans” has always been my recipe, and that should work in any city around the world. You don’t visit a country to try the local McDonald’s in my book. Being open to new culinary experiences is what makes travelling even more fun, because you get a better grasp of the local atmosphere.

Wishing all a good day.

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