All Travels Suspended Due to Covid-19

It is a serious time. The Covid-19 virus is no joke. Thousands have died in Spain and Italy, and all over the world updates are coming in which point in a very negative direction. It is highly important that people listen to their authorities, and DO as they are instructed.

Tourism is a huge industry. Many nations depend on it for their national economy to be in balance, and that balance is bound to be upset by the current lockdown of many nations.

We can all understand how fun it is to visit new countries, gain new memorable moments and expand our horizons. However, and this is far more dangerous, we CAN also be contagious for friends and family WHEN we DO travel as much as we do now.

This is no popular subject because we don’t want to change the way we go on vacations, but events such as Covid-19 may force us to rethink the way we travel.

First we heard about the environmental consequences of flying, and that is in itself a serious challenge which airplane builders ARE researching at this time by testing better flight engines. But when this virus struck, there were important lessons to be drawn from this.

Netflix has an episode dealing with pandemics in the series Explained. The lessons we learned from SARS and other viruses/epidemics may necessitate changes once this crisis is over.

I can’t predict what those changes will be, but I think it is highly likely that some nations may implement quarantine periods for people who cross continents. There is something to be learned here. Too many business people travel too much for events that could be handled electronically. This is a mental aspect here. It is very nice to network with people, but the safety issues involved with crossing continents will bring in boundaries that were removed as globalization came on the scene.

No guess is better than the next, but we can be sure that there will be changes in some nations after the Covid-19 crisis is over…

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