Parc Asterix Review

Going through the Parc Asterix photos was truly fantastic. Our daughter and oldest son were both awake when I also stumbled across some of the videos you can find on my Youtube-channel. They are looking forward to revisiting the Parc Asterix, so that is definitely going to happen. We would like to try the Disney parc also, but Parc Asterix was truly a success. We warmly recommend it for anyone who wants some good fun for their kids.

Fuel In The Good Ol’ Days

Patrick standing in front of the fuel pumps at the time of Asterix and horses... ;-)
As you can all very well imagine, Patrick was very proud to stand in front of these “fuel pumps” when I explained the fun in it. He does know how we originally tank our car, so the fun in this is nice. Good to see that he has such fine sense of humour. 🙂

Group Photo With Asterix and Obelix

Group photo with Asterix and Obelix
Here you can see the family standing next to both Asterix and Obelix. Patrick wanted to take Obelix with him, and he still remembers his Obelix teddybear when he goes to sleep. That big guy is truly among his favorites. We had BIG fun, as I am sure you will have guessed from reading this and my other blogs. 🙂

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