Why Do Some People Want to Fight?

One question comes to mind after the recent protests in regards to French laws banning the burkini on beaches. I have already dealt with this over on my political blog in the article entitled The Ban on Burkinis on French Beaches – What People Aren’t Telling You…. I will repeat what I have already said on Twitter:

A fine is one thing. Forcing anyone to undress in public is less polite. But let’s see how the police reacts 🙂

I will not participate in the attempt to stir up negativity in this matter. It is a matter for French politicians if anyone disagrees on policies. There is a soon-coming election for the Presidency in France in 2017, and the people are free to decide whom to vote for. That is not an issue for foreigners – tourists as we all are.

Visitors can either respect the laws of the land, or they can refrain from coming there. As I wrote over on my political blog I also have an issue about being nude, but I don’t preach to others…

I enjoy sunbathing naked, but can’t do so on a majority of beaches. Some may even jokingly say they are happy about that, but I don’t run around claiming discrimination because it has been decided that I should wear boxer shorts or swimming clothes, do I?

I think the whole issue is being blown out of proportion, but I would welcome your thoughts on this matter. 🙂

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One Response to Why Do Some People Want to Fight?

  1. The Supreme Court has today ruled against the ban according to a Danish news station, and that is encouraging in the sense that legal thinkers are therefore rethinking what limits are correct. I would, however, repeat the wish that people would stop fighting and begin seeking positive communication and cooperation instead of conflict and demonstrations.
    Have a nice weekend everyone

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